Mash Monster Certification "Set" Aid

This is the example of the set allowed for the Mash Monster certs. You may however set it higher than this parallel range. It was felt this would be helpful for the athletes to visually see what the gripper must show on the attempt video.  It was purposely shot from different angles to show how it can appear to be farther or closer depending on the angle of the camera.

Note: These pictures and text are to help the athletes and the judges. The intent is not to create "blueprints" for judging.  The video review and the final judgment of the judges are not to be replaced by this information.

To help define exactly what parallel is in regards to the accepted set for the MashMonster certifications, a measurement of the inside width of the handles at parallel was needed.

A Beef Builder Super Elite with a width of 2 3/4 inside width was used.  The MashMonster grippers have the same width.  First, the gripper was plumbed in a vise to ensure it was vertical. Next step was to close down the gripper in the vise to an approximate range of handles being parallel. Measurements were then taken at the top of the handles and at the bottom of the handles. The tool used was a caliper using the inside measuring points of the caliper.  The plumb of the handles was rechecked to make sure they were perfectly vertical. Which they were.

The first measurement showed the bottom of the handles were out of parallel by 1/4 to the top handles measurement. The gripper was closed down further in the vise. A second measurement was taken and revealed parallel was achieved. The top of the handles measured 3/4 inch inside. The bottom measured 1/32 over 3/4. A slight tweak of the vise handle gave the bottom a true 3/4 inch measurement. A 3/4 inch space at top and bottom, is the true parallel of a 2 3/4 gripper.  The handles were checked for plumb or perfect vertical after the 3/4 inch width was determined to be parallel. The handles were perfectly plumbed.

The numerical tag of 3/4 inch for parallel, gives the athlete a mindset for how close he may set his handles to be legal.

All of the following images are per the description above. No changes were made to the gripper after it was clamped.

Thanks to Rick Browne (zcor) for performing the experiment and providing the illustration pictures and description of setup.